Mental Health
Consortium for Applied research and evaluation in mental health (CAREMH)

CAREMH is a network of people focused on improving the well-being of persons with serious mental illness (SMI) by promoting applied research, evaluation and knowledge transfer in mental health services.

The CAREMH membership includes a variety of stakeholders. In addition to consumers and their families, member perspectives cover the fields of business administration, economics, education, epidemiology, family medicine, law, nursing, political science, police services, psychiatry, psychology, social work and sociology. Stakeholders contribute insight and experience as consumers, researchers, health care practitioners, policy analysts, administrators and managers.

The CAREMH mandate is to promote mental health and address mental illness by:

  • advancing applied research and evaluation in mental health
  • encouraging the involvement of knowledge users in research design, execution and evaluation
  • facilitating mental health reform by accelerating knowledge utilization

For more information, contact:

Dr. Evelyn Vingilis C. Psych.
Population and Community Health Unit
Department of Family Medicine
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
The University of Western Ontario

519.611.2111 ext. 80247

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